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Let's Get Social with Sarah Huguet

December 01, 2022 Colie James Episode 29
Business-First Creatives
Let's Get Social with Sarah Huguet
Show Notes

Does your social media work for you and your business? In today's episode, Sarah Huguet of Social and Stuff  joins us to share how to create content pillars to easily navigate your content, the value of niching down and knowing your audience, and how you can repurpose content across social platforms. Listen in and let's get social.

The Business-First Creatives Podcast is brought to you by CRM and Dubsado expert Colie James. Join Colie each week as she discuss how to build a business that brings you joy and a paycheck! From business advice with fellow entrepreneurs to sharing automation tips and tricks, Colie and her guests are sharing industry trends and resources, along with a little bit of sarcasm.

Here are the highlights…

[:24] Get to Know Sarah

[3:09] Getting Started in Video

[5:04] Ditching Perfectly Curated Feeds

[6:09] Content Creation Tips

[7:55] Managing Both Instagram & TikTok | Repurposing Content

[11:21] Deciding on Major Content Pillars Based on Goals

[13:53] The Value & Purpose of Content Pillars

[21:29] Introductory Posts Frequency

[23:19] End-of-Month Post

[24:54] Business for Sarah After Hiring a Business Coach

[26:30] Dubsado Hack for Canadian Dollars vs. USD

[27:30] Niching Down

[32:29] Biggest Fuck Up

Show Notes



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CRM Blueprint - Dubsado Implementation Course for Photographers: This is a done-with-you group program option, specifically for photographers.  Go through the course at your own pace, implement the strategy and templates provided, but have the ability to ask questions and get 1:1 guided help during the weekly Q&A calls.

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