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Preparing for a Recession with Maddie Peschong

January 05, 2023 Colie James Episode 33
Business-First Creatives
Preparing for a Recession with Maddie Peschong
Show Notes

Does the concept of a recession make you nervous for your business? You're not alone! We're all worried about the impacts of a recession, especially so soon after the pandemic, yet it's something we should all consider preparing for. In this episode, Maddie Peschong joins me to talk about making changes and pivots in your business in order to survive during slower seasons. Listen in as she describes how much she accomplished and is proud of in one of her slowest years, along with her own experiences in making solid business decisions when faced with economic changes.

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Maddie Peschong is a branding photographer and coach who is obsessed with teaching creative entrepreneurs how to build a profitable business by being themselves. Through coaching, digital products, and personal branding photos, she helps women discover their magic so they can stand out in a saturated market, confidently scale their income without trading more time for money, and do only work they love. She is the leader of the Confident Creative Mastermind, host of the Take it Personally Podcast, and founder of the White Space Studio in Sioux Falls, SD, a place where creatives can design, dream, and collaborate while developing their own irresistible brands.

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