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Money Mindset with Dan Moyer

January 12, 2023 Colie James Episode 34
Business-First Creatives
Money Mindset with Dan Moyer
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You likely started your business to create the lifestyle you wanted, which includes specific ideations around money—but how is your money mindset blocking you in life and business? In today's episode, Dan Moyer joins us to explore money mindset and the shift that most entrepreneurs need in order to become a business-first creative! 

The Business-First Creatives Podcast is brought to you by CRM and Dubsado expert Colie James. Join Colie each week as she discuss how to build a business that brings you joy and a paycheck! From business advice with fellow entrepreneurs to sharing automation tips and tricks, Colie and her guests are sharing industry trends and resources, along with a little bit of sarcasm.

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