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Bringing In-Person Education Back with Alison Hatch

January 30, 2023 Colie James Episode 37
Business-First Creatives
Bringing In-Person Education Back with Alison Hatch
Show Notes

There is something super special, dare I say magical, about attending a photography conference in-person. In a post-pandemic world, I think we are all excited to return to being around other humans. Today's guest is Alison Hatch, Film Family Photographer who has taken on a new role, Conference Organizer. We discuss the ins and outs of bringing back one of my favorites, PhotoNative.

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Guest Bio

Alison is a family photographer who lives in Albuquerque. She is the director of Photo Native, an annual photography conference for all types of photographers and all levels. "You Belong" is the conference's motto for that very reason. When Alison isn't juggling all the balls that Photo Native and her photography business throw at her, she likes to tend to her indoor plant obsession, travel with film camera in, and make sure she gets her daily dose of chocolate.

Here are the highlights…

[0:26] Get to Know Alison

[0:58] Alison's PhotoNativeExperience as an Attendee

[2:25] Colie's PhotoNative Experience with Analog Film

[4:21] Bringing PhotoNative Back in 2023

[6:57] PhotoNative's Past in Utah

[9:47] Why Now?

[10:29] This Year's Lineup & Remote Class Pass Option

[16:24] Tips for Getting the Most out of Your PhotoNative Experience

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